Hello my pretties!

Updates I guess.

I put back on weight over summer vacation the lost some so now I’m back to 125 (yuck!)

Some other updates: my boyfriend broke up with me! Right before vacation! Over the damn phone.

Jokes on him though, I began dating someone new. A sweet butch girl I’ve known for awhile who asked me out ON vacation. She’s very sweet and pretty muscular and curvy (so basically the ideal woman for me) and shes also trying to lose body fat. She knows im not comfy with my weight but she doesn’t know I have an ED. She says I’m skinny and small but I’m not! My bmi is at a healthy skinny, not a skinny skinny.

I wish I could tell her but I know she would try and get me to an ED clinic or something to make me eat normally and stop restricting and working out so much. I can’t let that happen, I have to at least get to 100 pounds! I don’t want to be a skeleton, just an angel! For her! I want to be her angel!

Things helping me to restrict:

  • Too stressed to eat
  • I don’t want to get food on my homework
  • I’ll eat when I get out of the bath
  • I don’t usually eat a lot at school, I like to chat too much
  • I’m trying to stay away from foods that upset my skin
  • I’m too tired to eat
  • They had snacks in/at [insert club/end of day class/friend’s home]
  • I filled up on [junk food]
  • I’m not hungry, I’ll eat later
  • I have really bad cramps, I can’t eat
  • I have a migrane, chewing hurts

And the list goes on, try using that to get out of things 💕


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